PacificVision Partners’ U.S. clients are involved in emerging, rapid growth
technologies and view expansion into Asia as a key step to long-term growth. Our
professionals assist clients “hands on” in developing their international
strategies and implementing them to establish effective, profitable
international strategic channels.

PacificVision Partners’ Asian clients are companies that seek to leverage
leading-edge technologies in North America in order to substantially expand or
diversify their core businesses. We assist them in identifying new technologies
or products in North America and in effectively structuring strategic
relationships with these companies.

Headquartered in San Francisco, PacificVision Partners maintains an expansive network
of highly placed, well-informed  professionals and venture capitalists in both
the U.S. and Asia. We view this network as our greatest asset in building
transnational business relationships. The majority of our business comes from
word of mouth;  our best sales people are our clients who hire us for repeat
engagements, recommend us to other clients, and  even when they change
companies, recommend  us to their new employers.

“Hands on”  consulting, wide ranging experience, and working together with
you to  achieve your company’s objectives: The PacificVision Partners

PacificVision Partners LLC (PVP), is a professional firm assisting North American and Japanese companies in broad Industries in developing new business or restructuring existing business internationally.

We help companies forge strategic alliances as well as establish a direct presence overseas. We maintain an expansive network of highly placed, well-informed professionals and venture capitalists in both the U.S. and Japan.